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Originally Posted by TheMagicianOfPrecision View Post
Great stuff! Do you see any similarities between the loud NYC-crowd and that some of the biggest "scandals" take place in USO? For example Feds mouthing with the referee and Serenas outburst?
Actually, I'd think that scandals would be more likely to happen at Wimbledon, b/c its so unexpected there. I think the US crowd can be a great asset if players don't let it throw them off (i.e. Borg, Edberg pre 1991)....see for example Federer 08, Roddick 03, Connors 91 SF run.

Fed tends to get chippy when he's losing in a big match -- especially if its not to Nadal -- so I don't think the US Open part contributed to that. Serena is very immature when she's losing matches she cares about, and since the US Open is the tourney she's always cared about the most, that probably had more to do with it than the fans.
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