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I know he has been a let down to say the least.
Mac says he has top 25 written all over him but Mac is way off, he has top 10 written all over him.
If he could find a complete state of physical, mental and social well being he could be the type player who could take it to the next level.

Even if he does not get Connors for a coach he should hire him for two weeks
of changing his mentality.

Did you ever once see Connors throw in the towel in a match?
Even when Gulbis is up he does not believe in himself so as soon as it goes wrong he looks lost.

I don't think Jimmy should coach tennis players on form and technique but he should work them one on one for a couple of weeks about three times a year
and show them how to dig and fight.
Jimmy should be the highest demand sports psychologist in tennis.

Take Safins old rear end, he still has game but no mental toughness, get him to spend a month with Connors and push himself like he never has and he could win another slam.

If Jimmy would have had near the talent of anyone of the greats he would be the Goat, no questions asked.
Connors has so much to contribute and no one is knocking down his door begging him to help because they don't want to be exposed and made tough.
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