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Originally Posted by Fedace View Post
Don't worry, my IQ is stuck at 143....
I would believe it if you had 143 posts

Actually, Fedace, as much as I do not want to admit this, I would have to agree with you on these whooole PT codes inside racquets, paintjobs and all!

You were right all the way from the start! I just happened to speak with a very highly ranking Head executive. He disclosed to me -very confidentially- that, Head executives came up with these codes inside some Head racquets, just to create a conspiracy among TW forum readers! Just to throw us off, just to create a confusion, just to have some laughs for casual Fridays..He was laughing and talking: "We were able to convince and brainwash every son of a gun in TW forums. But there is member named FedAce...he is a tough nut to crack!"
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