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Originally Posted by obsessedtennisfandisorder View Post
guys, the media were getting ridiculous around this time.

they just wanted a "fight" between them that just wasn't gonna happen anyway...just a bunch of smartass comments from both of them.

At times reading some magazines I started to get the impression
rafter was more loved in the us than sampras, which is ********.

pete had been top of the tree for a long time..yet I think he felt a little agrieved
at all the "boring sampras wins again" vibe when he was making history out there.

what would the us media give now to have a plyer of pete's calibre?

Look at all the love fed recieved the last couple of years...he isn't even american.

As much as I respect pete...I think he was arrogant at times...but that's
waht champions have to be...

some people on here go on about arrogance as if it's 100% bad.

Take fed's comments on murray after losing to him dubai 08 for example.

fed..after losing pretty much full out said murray isn't winning anything playing the way he does. now in a way..that's hugely arrogant statement.

so what? arrogance for the top guys is could tell by demeanor etc
both fed and pete have a healthy dose a good sporting arrogance.
you gotta go out there thinking crush opponent...self-doubt is bad.
The perfect attitude of a champion is extreme self-confidence without arrogance. The problem is that extreme self-confidence can spill over into arrogance if its not checked; however its better to be arrogant than timid in order to consistently win, so many champions don't mind being arrogant. But if you're confident without being arrogant, you won't underestimate opponents and will reach the height of your potential.

If Americans like Fed more than Pete, its b/c Pete always treated the media as the enemy (until Fed started breaking his records), while Fed has always been gracious and giving of his time to the media -- you reap what you sow. Pete tended to play the victim mentality with the media -- i.e. "they don't like me because I don't yell and scream like McEnroe; woe is me" when the truth was if he had humbled himself before them the way Federer has, they would have loved him a lot more. That being said, the media still treated Sampras very well for most of his career by constantly downplaying his failures on clay, especially since he was the only top American of his generation to never win the French or even make a French final.

I loved Pete's game, it was so effortless and based on short points that it was easy to conceive of as boring to those who weren't true tennis fans. However, if he had been more willing to be an ambassador of tennis, the "boring" label wouldn't have stuck to him so easily.
"I thank the Lord Jesus Christ, because without Him, I am nothing." -- Michael Chang after beating Stefan Edberg to win the 1989 French Open
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