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Originally Posted by star 5 15 View Post
Just something I've recently come to notice about the red color of the prestiges on the prostock racquets from kennelbach versus the made in china retail sticks (just the LM and FXP not MG. The kennelbach red is a darker shade of red and is more glossy. I have a client who uses prostock flexpoint prestige mids that don't have liquidmetal I will post some pictures of them. they hit completely different from the normal flexpoint. My guess would be is its what acasuso used when everyone thought he was played with real flexpoints.
The LM Prestige were only made in Kennelbach/Ceske Budejovice. None were made anywhere else. Yes there were PC600 and PT630 that had actual "Flexpoints". They played nothing like a commercial FXP Prestige. Wawrinka in Midplus used one and so did Acasuso in Mid.
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