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Originally Posted by Steve132 View Post

You have simply regurgitated your earlier post without addressing any of the issues that I identified. Since The Fifth Set has already dissected your arguments, I'll just focus on one of your claims. Federer did not win the French Open "by default." He was one of 128 men entered in the tournament, and won by winning seven consecutive matches - just as all other winners of majors have done since 128 man draws became standard. If you can't see this you're either blinded by hatred or simply don't know much about tennis.
Don't be a fool, only reason Roger won was because Nadal was not there. Fact is that is the only way Roger was ever going to win the FO.

As for being blind you must be the blind one as Roger never has and never will defeat Nadal at the FO end of story.
GOAT = Novak (Son of God)> Fedal
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