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Originally Posted by jackson vile View Post
Don't be a fool, only reason Roger won was because Nadal was not there. Fact is that is the only way Roger was ever going to win the FO.

As for being blind you must be the blind one as Roger never has and never will defeat Nadal at the FO end of story.
Ony a fool who believe rafa wasn't at the FO. Fact was he played insane tennis during the early round at the FO and people were already crowned him as 2009 RG champion. It had to take Soderling to play out of his mind to beat him. If you don't believe upset can happen in any sport, then open your eyes.

TMF will never beat rafa at the FO? Do you have a crystal ball. If you don't then save your idiotic opinion to yourself. The only know FACT is Soderling beat Rafa at the FO and he end up losing to TMF in the final. End of story.
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