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Originally Posted by jackson vile View Post
There is no logic here, in 2008 Roger did not lose as many sets in the FO as in 2009. When is the last time Roger dropped 2 sets to two people at the FO?

For Andy Roddick to be able to push Roger that hard at Wim is plain sad, Grass is Roger's best surface end of story.

Someone needs to pull up the amount of unforced errors, serve percentage etc etc and average them for 2009 and 2008.

That will tell us which year was better, at the very best they are the same.

Roger did just as well with wins etc as in 2008, only thing was different was that he did not have to play Nadal at the FO and since Roger is the #2 best clay courter he won.
There was no logic in your post either..I just wrote my post based on your own logic.
If Roger dropped two sets to two people at the FO no one gives a damn..I've seen both those matches and Roger was NOT playing bad at all.Infact he was playing much much better than last year only under far more pressure and thats true.
FYI-Roger did not drop a single point on his serve in the first set against Haas..he just played a poor tiebreak.He wasnt playing bad.And Haas himself was playing very well.
And against Del Po-Youd be crazy not to admit the guy was playing out of his mind.
And Roger played MUCH worse in 2008..his movement was just plain bad.This year he's been far more aggressive with his tennis.Last year he was content with baseline rallies and he was moving just bad.He lost to a number of guys he had ridiculous records against.
He's regrouped very well this year.And Nadal simply couldnt keep up his level.Deal with it.
And for Andy Roddick to be able to push Roger is not sad at all.Like I said you *******s are just a deluded lot who think only Nadal is capable of giving Roger troubles.Roger is a horrible match-up for Andy but only someone blind will not appreciate the kind of work the guy put in , in that match.And this was with Roger playing much better from the start as compared to last year.
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