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Originally Posted by jackson vile View Post
Don't be a fool, only reason Roger won was because Nadal was not there. Fact is that is the only way Roger was ever going to win the FO.

As for being blind you must be the blind one as Roger never has and never will defeat Nadal at the FO end of story.
Firstly, Nadal was at the French Open. Secondly, Nadal is only one player. He is not bigger than the sport of tennis or the combined total of every other player. The fact that he got knocked out in the 4th Round did not help any of the other 126 competitors win the title, so why should we consider it did for Federer? The fact is that Nadal could not make it to the last hurdle because he was beaten by quality opposition. The same opposition Federer had to overcome, with incredible pressure I might add.

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