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Originally Posted by Cesc Fabregas View Post
Theres not much difference between 08 Federer and 09, in the French Open this year he dropped more sets up and till the final than last year and at Wimbledon he dropped a few sets up and till the final last year he dropped none, the difference is last year he played the great Nadal in both finals and this year he has played his pidgeons Soderling and Roddick.
See that is what I am saying, Roger did not paly any worse. Since he won the FO people want to pretend like it was an amazing year or something, don't get me wrong it is an amazing mile stone but he did not play better tennis in 2009 than in 2008.

The thing that gets me is that Roger was supposed to be injured and sick in 2008, the stats say otherwise with a man playing much more and not losing much more than the next year he is fine, what is with that?
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