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Originally Posted by coyfish View Post
I agree nowadays Pete is much more gracefull / refined but . . . Back in his playing days he was arrogant especially when he lost. Quite a drama king at times. I don't think hes anymore classy than your average top 10.

Not to mention Pete has stated that he could win a prime fed vs prime sampras matchup. However confident you may be thats just not something you say publicly imo. Its as crazy as calling Fed the GOAT.

I don't think Fed and Sampras are "friends." I think there is just a mutual respect based on each others careers.
no one but Pete and Fed know their relationship. Pete did come to the W finals for Fed..that shows something.
"I may come across as a Pete-hater, but I'm not. I have utmost respect for his abilities" Fed_Rulz 2011
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