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Default Answer is simple with a little rephrasing

Originally Posted by Chopin View Post
It's here! Repeat: the thread you've all been waiting for is here!

Who wins this epic doubles matchup on hardcourts (medium paced)? All players are in their primes and using MODERN racquets.

Let's see if you guys will choose the sensible option.
To make the competition more fair how about having, in addition to the match up you propose above, a doubles match with the same pairing with 1960's wooden rackets on a fast 1960's grass surface.

Then the answer is simple - Federer Wawrinka win the former match and Laver/Roche win the latter match.

Question: I wonder why when people create imaginary matchups they always load things to favour the current players. People think that players from the 1960's would have no chance against the players today. And that is true, using the current equipment and conditions. But it is equally true that the players of today would have no chance against the players of the 1960's if playing with wooden rackets on the fast indoor or grass surfaces they had then. So given that consideration it is impossible to say who is better.
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