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Default What is the ATP opinion on the International Men's Tennis Association?

Posted By equinox:
Q: What is the ATP opinion on the International Men's Tennis Association? Will the ATP consider and implement the proposals brought forth by the IMTA?

A: In response to EQUINOX's question, let me address the IMTA in general and then maybe you can enlighten me as to what specific initiatives of theirs you are referring. At first, when I heard that some players were taking steps to become better informed about their sport and become more involved in the game outside of the white lines, I was encouraged. Not since the evolution of the ATP into the very unique partnership (more later) called the ATP Tour in 1990 had the players, on the surface, looked to take such responsibility. However, it became apparent very quickly that the motives of the few behind the movement were less than pure. Those involved were either looking to "grandstand" (the lawyers) or had a personal vendetta. Their tactics were misrepresentation and their limited yet often exaggerated support came from preying upon the habitually oblivious or exploiting the determinedly disgruntled segment of the playing population (ie. some doubles players who felt increasingly disenfranchised or those players who the Tour had unfortunately been forced to sanction or penalize). Their interest in establishing a "player union" was not only unnecessary but demonstrated a fundamental lack of understanding of the partnership which is the ATP, a unique entity in professional sport. Instead of going into detail in this forum, let me just say that other professional athletes can only dream about having as much input into the way their sport is conducted.
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