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Originally Posted by li0scc0 View Post
Exactly. Bands and free weights would be the way to go, because the smaller supporting muscle groups would be brought into play. Machines provide less use of the smaller muscle groups, hence the cross-over effect to tennis is less.

As I stated in a previous post, heavy lifting should not be used for tennis, assuming by heavy lifting we mean max effort lifting and/or taking sets of 5 reps to momentary muscular failure. Speed training, on the other hand, would be and is highly beneficial.
OH it's speed training....sigh.

Indicently, Nellie, you might wish to re-evaluate Agassi's strength training. It certainly didn't allow him to hit the ball any harder, though it might have helped with injury prevention, hard to say. Agassi certainly believe it helped him, though others believe that steroids were what really helped Agassi in his "fitness"....certainly, Agassi's cardiovascular training was far more crucial to his tennis success. Others, like Michael Chang, ultimately came to feel that weight lifting was detrimental to his game. It is NOT clear cut whatsoever.

As to the rep range. Most protocols for producing peak power involved very low rep ranges with very high loads. Although many studies of this have also failed to produce statistically significant increases in peak power....which is not suprising.
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