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Originally Posted by Chopin View Post
Well, I don't understand your point, or how my defense of Federer as the so-called "GOAT" somehow justifies people rating all my threads 1 star (even those aimed at giving or seeking instructional, string, apparel or racquet advice). I could make a genuine thread calling for world peace and there are still certain posters (specific ones) who would rate my thread 1 star just because I made it.

Contrary to popular belief, I don't dislike older tennis--I quite enjoy it. I enjoyed watching Borg v. Laver on the Tennis Channel last night but I do think many of the posters in the former pro player section are fanboys (albeit older ones) masquerading as objective tennis historians.
Well you unjustly pile on Nadal, Laver, Sampras and other great players. A lot of truth-bending for sole purpose of glorifying one player you consider great. As a Federer fan myself, I understand your bias. But clearly others are more objective and less understanding than myself. I doubt anyone would berate your threads out of spite as you are suspecting. I am sure each thread is judged on its own merit.
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