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Originally Posted by bojsag View Post
Well you unjustly pile on Nadal, Laver, Sampras and other great players. A lot of truth-bending for sole purpose of glorifying one player you consider great. As a Federer fan myself, I understand your bias. But clearly others are more objective and less understanding than myself. I doubt anyone would berate your threads out of spite as you are suspecting. I am sure each thread is judged on its own merit.
OK, I am a little harsh on Laver, but I strongly believe that he's overrated.

I don't think that Sampras and Nadal are overrated though. I don't even particularly like Sampras, but I still think he's #2 all time behind Federer. And I respect Nadal a lot, I just don't think we should read into his head to head with Federer until he proves that he's as great a player as Federer in the long-run. Nadal has proved that he's very, very good at playing Federer on clay, and good at playing him off clay, but he hasn't proved that he's as good as Federer in the grand scheme of tennis.

And it might sound harsh, but I'm not going to make excuses for the guy when he play way too many tournaments and when his very style of play, the very thing that makes him tough, is not an easy style of play for his body to handle. Injuries go hand in hand with how he plays tennis. Nadal wouldn't want us making excuses for him either.

We can agree to disagree on this though.

However, trust me, my threads are not judged on their merits. I've made lots of helpful threads about apparel and racquet reviews (completely benign stuff) and within a few minutes of posting, they're 1 star. These losers follow me around. It's a running joke between me and some other posters who find their behavior juvenile as well. They can't beat me and they can't win though, so it just adds fuel to the fire and motivates me to become an even greater poster.
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