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Originally Posted by BreakPoint View Post
Oh, Federer would definitely double-bagel me. But I think I can still win a few points here or there.

Here's how I would do it:

1. Kamikaze serving and volleying - I would go for my biggest serve on every serve, 1st or 2nd, and if it goes in, I would rush the net and just guess to one side or the other. Sooner or later, I'll guess right a few times and either smack a volley into the open court or hit a drop volley.

2. Go for broke on every return - assuming that he has to hit a 2nd serve now and then, I would just go for a crushing winner into the corner on every return I can get my racquet on. I concede that I would never get my racquet on any of his first serves.

3. Aim for the netcord - if I get into a baseline rally with him, I'd aim for the netcord on every shot hoping that one ball would clip the netcord and dribble over for a free point.

4. Lots of drop shots - if I get the opportunity, I'll go for tons of drop shots. One will likely work sooner or later.

5. Try to shank the ball on purpose off my frame - one may just drop in for a winner and surprise Federer.

6. Hope for double-faults - yes, even Federer will double-fault now and then, especially if he's bored and loses concentration.

7. The "Michael Chang serve" - Yes, after blasting every one of my serves for several games, I'll surprise him with a puny underhand drop shot serve. It just might catch him off-guard and get me a free point.

Potentially 3 points at most.

I think I might win one point if I could get into one rally throughout the entire match. Hit alot of moon balls to the backhand and he might just get careless.
"man... what match is this? The Iron Hands vs The incredible Shanker..." - Gorecki, Federer vs. Ferrer Cincinnati 2009
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