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Prime (thus far) Nadal vs. Prime Sampras (assuming today's surfaces)

**Note that Nadal may very well improve, or he may decline. I tend to think he'll improve in the years ahead.

Grass-Sampras in 6-7 out of 10
Hard-Sampras 7 out of 10
Faster Indoor-Sampras 7 out of 10
Rebound Ace-Nadal 6-7 out of 10
Clay-Nadal 10 of 10

Sampras Advantages-Serve, forehand, net play.
Sampras Weaknesses-Stamina, slower surfaces, high backhands potentially, and long rallies in general.
Nadal Advantages-Consistency, groundstrokes (esp. passing shots), footspeed, and stamina.
Nadal Weaknesses-Return of serve, esp. on fast surfaces if he cannot return close enough to the baseline, hard courts.
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