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Wow guys, thanks for all the feedback!

Question, yeah, I looked at what they already had, and figured it wouldn't be much to add it, and of course, I would pay for it. (there are roommates who dont' want it and wouldn't want to pay for it, of course)

JRK and JRS...let's talk about all this stuff you want to get rid of!

RE the cable box...the thing is, the cable is not set up under my name, I would *just* want the cable box without having any other account or anything like that set up. I sent an email to them regarding it, too.

RE DVD recorder...then I don't have to worry about running out of room and wouldn't have to pay for both a DVR cable box and then the DVR service, too. Though, a Tivo would work, too!

So, JRK and JRS, I'll send you emails in a bit, ok? The money situation isn't great at the moment (scraping and saving for the move) but should improve greatly next month! And I wanted to get a laptop *anyway*, too! Thus, the reason I'm moving. Still in NOVA though, so I won't have to hand in my TWMAC card.
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