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Originally Posted by bojsag View Post
Nothing wrong with being a little harsh on Laver. And Sampras as you know won record 14 slams fair and square. But forget those two for a moment.

How can you say that Federer could be considered greatest? Forget Laver and Sampras for a second. There is a living breathing real man by the name of Nadal who instills fear into Federer’s little heart. Not in the 90s, not preopen era. Here and now in Federer’s prime. Forget about all the numerous clay beatdowns. Last 3 slams they played each other were on 3 different surfaces – clay, grass, HC. Same story every time.

Now if some horrible people are berating your innocent threads on purpose, that is horrible. Do you know who those posters are? I am sure we all want to know.
I think Federer is the “GOAT” (if I were forced to choose one) because he’s won 15 slams, on all surfaces, in an incredibly competitive modern game. Not only that, but his list of achievements and records is baffling. Prime Federer (Federer is clearly no longer prime) was playing the most jaw-dropping and amazing tennis I’ve ever seen.

I think the Nadal-Federer head to head certainly is significant, but it’s also a very nuanced thing. Federer is 2-2 in slam finals off of clay against Nadal and overall leads Nadal 5-4 off of clay. This is not a bad record, by any means. And of course, Nadal rarely played (or plays) Federer on faster hardcourts (never made it to the US final) where you’d have to favor a prime Federer’s chances. Yes, Nadal is superior on clay, but why fault Federer for being good enough to play Nadal on his best surface when Nadal has rarely been good enough to play Federer off clay? It’s not logical.

And unfortunately, there is this misconception that a 27 or 28 year old Federer is somehow “prime.” I think it’s pretty clear to people who know tennis that Federer isn’t moving (at least on a consistent basis) like he was a few years back when he’d literally lose practically no matches and would win almost every single tournament he entered.

And finally, I’m not the only one who considers Federer the best tennis player ever. J-Mac, Agassi, Sampras, and many other legends of the game have said the same thing.

I ask myself the following question: as of this moment, whose career would I rather have had: Federer’s or Nadal’s? The answer is a “no-brainer.”

Anyhow, we can agree to disagree, of course.

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