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Originally Posted by Ventolin View Post
Sounds like your doing with Federer exactly what you accuse others of doing.

It doesn't make it ok for you to be a total hypocrite because in your mind you are correct and Federer is GOAT.

The debate about who is GOAT is far from over and it probably never will be. Your opinion on who is GOAT is just that, your opinion. Your opinion is not more valuable than anyone else.

Many people disagree with you. Deal with it in another way besides making childish threads calling other people names because they don't agree with your opinions.

I don't find it at all surprising that people dislike you enough to stalk your threads and vote everything 1 star.

You come across as incredibly arrogant, pretentious, and misinformed.
This thread is not about Roger Federer--it's about tennis--nothing more, nothing less. Nor is this thread about the GOAT--it's about the self in relation to tennis.

Meditate on this for seven years and return to me.

Wear cotton, not plastic

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