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Originally Posted by JRstriker12 View Post

I have to do a little research, there's some sort of paper work I need to fill out with TIVO about transferring the service of the box to another person when I sell it.

Also - if you rent a COX DVR then you only pay the monthly fee for the box and you don't have to pay for programming info.

Only time you have to pay for programming info is if you buy a DVR that isn't from your cable company.

Another thing to think about with the DVR is alot of then come with two tuners, eltting you watch one channel while recording another or allowing you to record two shows simultaneously.

Also, I'd just ask the roomie/landlord to add the extra box to the service and promise to pay for it - you should need a separate account etc....

Wouldn't the problem for this be that you would have to run down stairs to change the channel or that you could only watch what ever channel was on the box in the other room????? I might be wrong - what do ya say Sup????
Ok, soooo...I should be able to rent a DVR cable box (it is only 5.50 a month) w/o any other service? (and then I'll get her to add TTC and my life will be very happy!) (oh, then I'll buy JRK's laptop, too)

From what I've read on the link Sup provided, the remote enables you to change the channel from wherever you are, but could only watch whatever channel the original unit is if someone else is watching it I'd be stuck with that channel.

Still...something to keep in mind!
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