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Originally Posted by ShcMad View Post
Xisbum, thanks for inviting us to hit at FRC. But, I don't appreciate the sharp-angle pass you hit on me while I was at net! That shot was so good that I felt like a dumbfounded, lead-footed Safin.

Rest of the guys, I had a lot of fun. LOL @ my shank overhead that almost beaned JRS. And, Sup, please don't hit the Tsonga forehand anymore. Please pronate. keke.. By the way, Sup, the girl on my avatar does NOT look 15.
Ha! You were just shocked that these old legs even got to the ball; anything after that was Twilight Zone stuff.

And while I did admire all those aces you and the Sup pounded by my aging eyes - and they were frequent - I admired more those beautiful volleys you hit, also frequently. I also swooned over those sizzling groundies JRS smacked, especially when he was on my side of the net.

And Lady Topaz was worried that Sup might "hurt" us; hey, you steps on the court and you takes your chances. No quarter asked, no quarter expected. We did just fine, thinks I.

P.S. Your avatar looks at least 21 to me. End of discussion.
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