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Originally Posted by Xisbum View Post

And Lady Topaz was worried that Sup might "hurt" us; hey, you steps on the court and you takes your chances. No quarter asked, no quarter expected. We did just fine, thinks I.

P.S. Your avatar looks at least 21 to me. End of discussion.
You know I have to maintain a 3.5 look, as that's what I am.. right? When needed, say a break point or if JRS starts acting like Jolly, I would use the power of greyskull (all PP) to set the record straight.

The doubles was good. I was really having a hard time at the club playing with members and keeping it enjoyable, as well as ending it around the hour. This helps me.. as JRS says.. slum it with the 3.5s.

p.s. shcmad hits it flat, but he did improve his play both on serves(less dfs) and volleys. I tried to imitate his tsonga/shcmad forehand but its kind of tough. I don't hit it as flat.

p.s.s I told you Shcmad that your avatar looks young. If you go see this girl and this guy pops up.. I'm denying I even know you.

Chris Hansen
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