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Originally Posted by Topaz View Post
Ok, soooo...I should be able to rent a DVR cable box (it is only 5.50 a month) w/o any other service? (and then I'll get her to add TTC and my life will be very happy!) (oh, then I'll buy JRK's laptop, too)

From what I've read on the link Sup provided, the remote enables you to change the channel from wherever you are, but could only watch whatever channel the original unit is if someone else is watching it I'd be stuck with that channel.

Still...something to keep in mind!

Think I confused myself.... HA.....

When I was talking about buying programming for the DVR, I was talking about the scheduling info that you use to schedule recording for your DVR..... sorry about the confusion...... For example, if you buy a brand new TIVO, you have to pay a monthly fee for for the TV scheduling info (think electronic TV guide + software/firmware updates). If you rent a DVR from cox, there's no additional fee for the TV scheduling info (electronic TV Guide + software/firmware updates).

If you want TTC, the it will cost $x amount extra per month.

I hope I cleared that up. Sorry about that
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