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Originally Posted by JRstriker12 View Post
Think I confused myself.... HA.....

When I was talking about buying programming for the DVR, I was talking about the scheduling info that you use to schedule recording for your DVR..... sorry about the confusion...... For example, if you buy a brand new TIVO, you have to pay a monthly fee for for the TV scheduling info (think electronic TV guide + software/firmware updates). If you rent a DVR from cox, there's no additional fee for the TV scheduling info (electronic TV Guide + software/firmware updates).

If you want TTC, the it will cost $x amount extra per month.

I hope I cleared that up. Sorry about that
No, I think I gotchya!

So, I tell Cox (and/or my landlord) that I would like TTC as well as a DVR cable box...and then I'm set? So, I should only have to pay the $$$ for TTC plus the $$$ to rent the box, correct?
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