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Originally Posted by Ventolin View Post
And that's the kind of response that lets everyone here know that your an arrogant windbag who cannot see his own failures when they are right in front of him.

Why don't you stop with the patronizing response and explain to everyone exactly why you believe that you are any different from the 'fanboys' your describing?

You get 10 gold stars if you come up a a logical response. You lose 1 gold star for each for each statement that cannot be proven and for each patronising or arrogant smart *** remark.

Hopefully you will have at least 1 star left by the end of your response.

Your time starts now.
My friend, no need to get all bent out of shape! You went after me in your original post, despite never having had any interactions with me. Yet still, you felt the need to post the following:

"I don't find it at all surprising that people dislike you enough to stalk your threads and vote everything 1 star. You come across as incredibly arrogant, pretentious, and misinformed."

You actually expected me to dignify you with a serious response?

No hard feelings, but this would conclude my interaction with you at this particular juncture in time. Perhaps in the future we can engage in a more civilized discussion.

Kind regards,
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