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Originally Posted by teocem View Post
Dear Zheng,
After demoing rdis 300 and rdis 100 midplus at the same time during a practice hour, I bought the rdis 100 mp because 300 seemed to be too powerful.
I am playing with rdis 100 mp for a week now but I realize it is too stiff for me and also too headlight to my taste, I would prefer some more heft with the grounshots.
At this time I have no chance to demo 300 again and therefore I would like to ask you how it compares with an other Yonex that I already have in my bag, rds 003.
Would you say 300 is more flexible compared to both rdis 100 and 003 ?
Could you compare these 3 using your experience with these ?
Would you advise me to order a 300 even though I have a 003 and rdis 100 ?
I haven't hit with the RDiS 100 at all, so cannot speak to that. But I can definitely say that the RDiS 300 is more flexible than the 003 -- not by much, mind you; but it is more flexible and is also an easier racquet to swing.
Zheng Jie moved from the 003 to the RDiS 300; and indeed the two have specs that are very very similar. But having said that, I would order the RDiS 300 and play with it for a while, and if you like it still get two or three more. It's a great racquet that has not received the attention it deserves.
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