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Originally Posted by Chopin View Post
You went after me in your original post, despite never having had any interactions with me. Yet still, you felt the need to post the following:

"I don't find it at all surprising that people dislike you enough to stalk your threads and vote everything 1 star. You come across as incredibly arrogant, pretentious, and misinformed."
I judged you and your intent by your long winded initial post. Your initial post was indeed arrogant, it was indeed pretentious, and it was indeed misinformed. I judged you by your own words. My not knowing you or not having interactions with you doesn't mean a thing to me. If you put a blatant attack of a post out there for the world to see you will be judged for it.

And now your getting 'bent out of shape' because I, a person who the attack was not aimed at, is calling you out.

You also obviously know I'm right in my theory that you are every bit as much as a fan boy as those you are addressing, and you are taking the cowards approach of simply ignoring me rather than attempting to prove your feeble position.

My ridiculous grading of you may offend you but only because it so closely mirrors your own silly posting style that you believed was your own.

Please try and be strong rather than continuing to try to be the martyr and proclaiming me as one of your long list of imaginary assailants. I doubt anyone here feels sorry for you.

I will not be responding to your posts in the future as you seem to be intellectually unable to defend yourself.

End communication.
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