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Originally Posted by skyzoo View Post
You sir have the eyes of a thundercat. If your right about black and gold I'll purchase you the new 90
Hahaha - Thanks! I'll email you my shipping address just in case
When the K90 came out I was not 100% sold on the design, but a few years later I have come to love it. (I use the Asian K90's).

Gold though .... ugh ... no matter how nice the design is ... gold is gold.
I'm really not a fan of all the 'bling' Fed's been wearing lately (ex: Wimbledon outfit). I really like the more classic designs such as the KPS88 for example. Even with the red/white/black design of the K90 - I think the matte finish on the K90 makes it work, but I'm not really sold on the shinier version on the 6.1's. That's personal preference of course.
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