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Originally Posted by ZhengJieisagoddess View Post
Here's question: I am currently using my RDiS 300, but I have five RDS 003s lying around, strung with poly at varying tensions.
I'd am considering getting them re-strung with a more arm-friendly string, so my questions are:
* Is this even a good idea? (To play with my RDS 003s once in a while)
* If so, should I try to approximate the set-up on my RDiS 300s?
* And, if I should, should I have the RDS 003s strung at 50 lbs, like my RDiS 300s, or doesn't it work that way? (Meaning that stringing different styles of racquets at the same tension will not produce a similar effect.)
I demoed rdis 300 and hit with rds 003 today actually. I believe you will find 003 quite light after 300. And putting lead on racquets may just put the tasta away.
RDIS 100 MP 57/56, considering RDIS 300
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