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This message brought to you by "Wookie sayings at last night's clinic":

[After 1 hour consistency drill]"
"Wookie is superior in this drill! However Wookies is sweating.. fur getting heavy"

[After a "wiff" on an easy overhead]
"Wookie missed on purpose! Need mulligan"

[After a touch "volleyball" tennis game]
"Wookie has hands of stone; crush opponents, not cuddle shots. Wookie does not like this game"

[After 1 1/2 of tennis game drills, working on footwork drills with cones.. wookie knocks cones over]
"Wookie not like this drill! Wookie not like this drill! *coughs and huffs*]

LOL. JRS did hit well, and so did Magma and JRK. I honestly thought they would have problems with the consistency drills, but they all rocked. I was quite happy. Meant less feeding and more hitting.

Hope you enjoyed last nights clinic guys.
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