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On the PII, the front part of the sole appears to be a single piece of rubber. Most other shoes have a two-layer soft midsole plus hard outer sole. The arch support depends on how tightly you pull the middle strap.

So in my case, no it's not the arch support, it's the forefoot that hurts. In the GRII case, yes the arch area actually hurts more. The arch support doesn't seem that high though, so I have a suspicion it's a combination of the low-to-ground style that doesn't match my foot shape (I prefer the heel to be elevated).

FYI, I have had good experiences with Prince OC & MV styles in the past. More recently, I've tried the K-Swiss Defier and found the cushioning insoles gave me arch problems but the match insoles were ok. Overall though, I felt that the Defier felt a little clumsy and traction on the court was not so good. Right now, I'm using the Lotto Syn Raptor Xtreme Speed and I'm digging them so far.
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