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Originally Posted by TheJRK View Post
Sup - Interesting clinic last night. How much longer are those other dudes gonna be in the clinic? They're driving me crazy. I only come now because I've already paid.

1. Old dude with f**ked up knee who stands at the baseline only and subsequently gets drop-shotted every time

2. Old gypsy looking dude with two bad knees who lobs everything and then tries to put the gypsy curse on me when I hit his lobs back

3. Old spastic dude with 1970's tennis apparel who plays f***ing line judge for everyone, calling balls that land in and out...WTF?!?!?!?

At least the one asian dude is cool...
The three dudes are moving to Monday. That was their last clinic with you guys. I broke the news to them last night. It went something like this:

Sup: Hey guys. I would like to move you guys to monday?

Guys: Why? Are we not having clinic on Thursdays?

Sup: No, its that there is room on Monday and I want you guys to take it.

Guys: So we can't stay on with Thursdays?

Sup: *waves hand* You don't want to stay on for Thursday. You want to go to mondays.

Guys: See you monday

So conclusion. Moving forward, it will be TheJRK, JRS, Magma and HUNG (begin the joking.. but remember he is asian lol. jk..)

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