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Originally Posted by ZhengJieisagoddess View Post
This is what I am wondering: those ballgirls are cute; how come the players just toss them the towels like they're nobody, and don't even smile? Is there some ATP rule against fraternizing or something? Seriously, some of them are nice enough to be a major distraction....
And I do not know ONE Asian woman who is obsequious. That is quite a Western myth. On the contray, if it were not for the women of Vietnam, America would not have lost that war. They are tough ladies. I admire them tremendously.
IMHO - most of the players ignore the ball kids (at any tourney) for the most part. Basically the kids are there to:
1. Give players the ball
2. Give players a towel
3. Sometimes give them a drink or hold an umbrella.
4. To be ignored...

Honestly, smiling at and talking to ball kids isn't going to win any matches and could be a distraction. I also don't think the WTA players are all that friendly with the ball kids either.

I don't feel too bad for the ball kids as they get the best seat in the house. Forget Front row, what's better than having Roddick's serve bounce about 5 feet from your head on the back curtain. I'm sure that on occasion, either before or after the match they can get autographs and stuff.
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