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Originally Posted by robby c View Post
In high school in the late 70's we lived near UVA. College radio broadened my musical horizons. Once a week at night was Art Rock. ELP,Yes, and all the other bands that had 10 minute songs.
Another night was Blues, and New Wave, and of course Alternative.
They also did the Hot 100 instead of just Top 40, and they played regional acts.
I miss that station.
Robby C
I miss any station like that. Yeah, you can find some on Internet radio, but it's not the same.

Grew up in Cincinnati, and get nostalgic for the good old days of WEBN. By sheer coincidence, I was posting on Fark back in April and bumped into one of the old 'EBN DJs. Man , talk about flashbacks-- guy has a lot of great stories from those days.

Speaking of flashbacks, here are Anke Huber's bewbs.

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