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Originally Posted by 10ACE View Post
Why not give paddle tennis a try, real fun sport in 30-50 degree weather. As for tennis, 60's is still good by me, when it gets bellow 60 into the 50's the cold air can mess with my lungs, like ice daggers.
woohoo, i second paddle in ny, evening temps are getting into the 40's so i'm getting into paddle mode.

40 is about my limit for tennis, below that:
1) i'll lose feel in my fingers (even with racquet ball type gloves)
2) warming up takes forever
3) even warmed up, temps in the 30's requires enough layers of clothing (even tech gear), that it constricts my natural stroke
4) it's hard enough to find folks at my level to play tennis, forget about finding other folks to play in the 40's or lower
5) i think the feel of the ball off the strings is very different than when playing in 50+ temps
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