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Originally Posted by downs_chris View Post
How exactly did you fix this issue? Glue? Staples? Thanks! I'm having this issue with my first PSL GT after only 3 hours of hitting...
I removed the grip, carefully pulled the staples out of the butt cap, and got rid of the plastic wrap on the handle so I had the bare foam.

Then I used a little spray adhesive and wrapped the bare handle with electrical tape. I wrapped it so there was no overlap, but it probably would be fine with a slight overlap.

I then put some more spray adhesive over the tape and reattached the butt cap. You kind of need to smack the butt cap on quickly. If you try to slide it on slowly then you will most likely scrunch up the tape. It might also help to remove the trap door so the air can escape easily.

Then I carefully reinserted the original staples with a pair of pliers and a small hammer. At this point, you can add a couple of extra staples along the face of the handle if you want with a staple gun. I don't think they are necessary, but might add a little peace of mind.

Then reattach the staples for the grip if you removed them earlier and re-wrap the grip and you are all set.
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