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Originally Posted by downs_chris View Post
ok -- TW offered to take the racquet back and replace it -- should i just fix it myself? hmm...
My guess is that you'll end up with the same problem. I got 3 PSLs when they came out. All 3 had the problem. I called Babolat and asked for them to fix it or send me new frames, they said I could send them in and maybe they would fix it, maybe not. Depends on how bad it is or what's actually wrong.

I fixed those myself. About a year later I bought 3 PSL+ frames from TW Europe. All three had the same problem. Now it seems that the PSL GT is also having the issue. Apparently Babolat is clueless when it comes to this issue.

My suspicion is that if you like to use the butt cap for leverage when you hit you will run into this issue with this frame. The funny thing is I never had this issue with the other Babolat frames I owned. Just this one. Sad.
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