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Hi, guys. I am thinking of getting a PSL GT. I like headlight racquets and 18x20 pattern and thin beam as well. I am thinking of trying a few not expensive but powerful strings to compensate the loss of power. At first I may try the Tonic 16g @53 lbs because I have a set already in my tennis bag. I usually string @55lbs when it comes to Tonic 16 but since I read that PLS GT is a bit underpowered I may go 2notches down.
I have into consideration a few other strings like Klip Venom 17, WeissCannon Explosiv 1.30 and Topspin Cyberbly 1.24mm...
I am currently trying the Head RipControl 16 with PS 6.0 95 16x18 and the KGutPro 17 with K 6.1 95 18x20.
I would not go into trouble buying X-one B Phase or Xcel Power because their price is close to the Tonic 16. And since NG is better at tension maintenance, feel and power I do not see the reason why to buy such expensive multi's...
So when I get hold of the PLS GT I will be coming from a K 6.1. 18x20 and a PS 6.0 original 95 16x18...
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