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Originally Posted by jrepac View Post
I always felt this was the best match I saw Mac play, ever. And, never saw Connors so stymied...maybe when Lendl beat him 0, 0 on clay perhaps. But even then, he seemed more in the match.

But, I remember watching that match in 84, screaming at the TV for Connors to "stay back, stay back"....Mac was just scorching on the returns...

But, I don't think anyone could've touched Mac on that day. So hard to imagine Mac winning so handily after the mega-struggle between them in '82 (which in honesty, Connors should've won more easily)
Actually yes, I remembered Connors trying to hard to s&v and he was just getting passed on the return or the next shot. I felt that he should have tried to stay back and extend the pts a bit longer. He did not change his gameplan for the entire match.
After that match I immediately bugged my dad to get for me the MAX200G. And I was like 10!
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