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Originally Posted by plasma View Post
exactly, matchmate is a perfect example, uniqueness is a lost value in modern designs....
I remember seeing the ads in the magazines but in Oz we never had the luxury of the real deal unfortunately.

But as a side not to what Plas has written - this is something that I can get quite melancholy about if I overthink it. This move to heterogenity and same-ness really is a sign of the times. I know I'm an old fogey as far as racquets go in the eyes of some of the boards newer members, but my God, is all of society feeling such a need to be so generic? Does it really make people feel safe? I'm living over here on the edge of the Black Forest now, in a town of close to 20 000, and the thought of a shopping mall horrifies people. Chain stores are looked down on and people still delight in the personal relationship between a customer and proprietor.

I despair that this will last - the world moves on, as it does. But as Plaz said above, uniqueness is fast becoming an anachronism and it saddens me terribly.

Sorry - there's my rant for the day. Didn't mean to lower the tone!
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