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Originally Posted by matchmaker View Post
For me this is a no brainer: Stich had the best game of the three mentioned.

He was truly an all courter, all surface player.

Much more versatile than the other two IMO.
They were all effective on all surfaces. All won titles on indoors, grass, clay and hardcourt. All advanced to quarters and semis at every slam, often multiple times. One could argue Stich as more versatile, but I think it is unclear. Again, they all were dangerous on all surfaces.

Titles by Surface:Ivanisevic
Hard (3)
Grass (2)
Clay (3)
Carpet (14)

Titles by Surface: Stich
Hard (5)
Grass (4)
Clay (3)
Carpet (6)

Titles by surface: Krajicek
Hard (7)
Clay (1)
Grass (3)
Carpet (6)

Pretty decent mix from all. Factor in runner-up finishes and doubles titles, and it becomes even more diverse. I do not believe anyone should say Stich was "far more" versatile.
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