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Stich. He was not the best in everything of the 3 but his game was definitely more well rounded and he seemed able to adapt to all the surfaces a little more comfortably than the others could. Goran may have been the most explosive of the three when on his game, but Stich was more consistantly on his game than the others I think.
Agreed. Stich best player on all surfaces and well rounded game. Pete agreed with your assessment in his book. On grass, though, no question Goran, head and shoulders better, based on his serve. Krajicek not as consistent in results.

All three won Wimbledon.
Stich made it to Grand Slam finals on all 3 surfaces and could win at the net and baseline. He was an all-courter.
Grass: Stich won Wimbledon in 1991, beating Edberg in the semis and Becker in the finals. (By the way, In 1992, he won Wimbledon doubles with McEnroe.)
Hard Courts: He lost in the US Open finals to Agassi in 1994.
Clay: He lost in the 1996 French Open final to Kafenikov.

Goran won Wimbledon in 2001 and lost to Pete in the final 3 times. He reached the Australian and French quarters several times each.

Krajicek won Wimbledon in 1996, made it to the semis at Australia (1992), the semis of the French (1993) and reached the quarters of the US Open several times.
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