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Originally Posted by Datacipher View Post
Goran won as many titles as Stich on clay. Won only 2 less on hard court (sorry, I have NO INTEREST in the marketing "masters" series gimmick, and I'm always amazed at the penetration ATP marketing has made on younger people here).
yeah, because winning a master series against a deep field on a surface is the same as winning a small title on the same surface with not much competition

Originally Posted by Datacipher View Post
Just because he won an overwhelming number of titles on carpet that the other 2 did not, does not take away from his accomplishments on other surfaces. I do not fathom the logic of calling a person less versatile who has a comparable record on other surfaces (perhaps slightly less), and much greater on one other. I think the rational interpretation is that he was NEARLY as good as Stich on the other surfaces and much better on carpet. (I am not saying that is necessarily the case, these stats cannot be read into too much, but THAT would be a logical interpretation, not one that penalizes Goran for doing exceptionally well on carpet)
perhaps slightly less ??

Only 3 HC titles for goran - ( none of them big) - inspite of stich having a shorter career and krajicek being affected more by injuries.

And as for clay - he could play on it, but wasn't as much a threat on it as the other 2 when they were 'hot'. Ditto with becker who didn't even win a single CC title ...

Which leaves grass and carpet - where goran was better ( peak levels being pretty comparable ) , but then the other 2 were great on grass and carpet as well

Originally Posted by Datacipher View Post
Wow, SF's.....Goran only made the quarters...obviously "MUCH" more versatile right? Incidently, funny and ironic that you defend Krajicek for making 3 QF's at the USO, then in the next sentence criticize Goran for not making it past the quarters of the AO and RG. Which he did THREE TIMES at AO and RG.
I stated the results for them on the non-grass surfaces wrt to semis . And these results - inspite of krajicek having his career affected much more by injuries than goran . So yes, am being more harsher on goran if you want to look at it that way .

Originally Posted by Datacipher View Post
Again, I think it's not clear. Anyone who wants to say Goran is less versatile, can do so, but saying "much" as the OP did, or "clearly" as you do, invalidates your opinions in my view.
Having watched them play, IMO it is pretty clear ...

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