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Originally Posted by Topaz View Post
Alice,those boots would go past your neck!
the ones pictured are 26" high, and i have a pair which are 23" high (urban outfitters; not christian louboutin). i was afraid that i'd look like i'd fallen into a hole, but because of the slouch factor, they're fine. i hink that the purchase of those boots was the official start of my mid-life crisis.

tfm, i have a guy on my team who'd probably like to continue to play after his practice match ends at 12 tomorrow. he's a strong 3.5 player (plays 8.0 mixed also). we'll be at westwinds, and they'll make you pay guest fees since you're not a member of a team. but the fees for the outdoor courts are nominal. email me if you want me to ask him.

edit: never mind. i was confused in the head. (it's true i think asians look alike. but to be fair, i also think that all white people look alike too.) sappy, i know that new market is a haul for you. but i also have teammates playing on public courts urbana on sunday, which x said was only 45 minutes from him. let me know if you want to join us.
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