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My personal Possibilities

Serve- Serena Williams, Brenda Schultz-McCarthy, Martina Navratilova, Wills Moody
Backhand- Chris Evert, Justine Henin, Evonne Goolagong, Suzanne Lenglen
Forehand- Graf.............Davenport, really can't think of anyone else right now
Volley- Martina Navratilova,Margaret Court, Billie Jean King, Louise Brough Clapp, Doris Hart (last 2 based on what I've read in various places)
Speed and Agility- Evonne Goolagong, Wendy Turnbull (they didn't call her rabbit for nothing), Kim Clijsters, honorable mention to Vicario & Molla Mallory
Overhead- Martina Navratilova
Return of Serve- Evert
Lob- Evert
Drop Shot- Not to sure here, but some possibilities would be Evert, Graf, Navratilova could hit a good one occassionally, Hingis hit a pretty good one
Tactical ability- Evert, Hingis, Lenglen

Funny how the same names keep coming up, If I had to assemble a player I would probably pick the following

First Serve- Serena Williams
2nd Serve- tough call....but Navratilova
Backhand- Chris Evert
Volley- any of the above would work for me, I would probably have a tough choice between King, Court and Martina though
Speed and Agility- Evonne Goolagong (such a good bad the rest of her game didn't go with it)
Forehand- Graf, but Davenports would not be awful either
Overhead- Martina Navratilova (Serena's has power, but Martina had to develop one good enough to counter Evert, and it became a very good shot)
Return of Serve- Evert
Lob- Evert (any player could make use of this...just adding it as an honorable mention more than an actual shot, like Graf's forehand it was just such a clutch shot for quite some time)
Drop Shot- I really don't know..
Tactical Ability- Lenglen...I have read it several times she played tennis like Chess, and although Evert was good I'd pick Lenglen.
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