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^^^Bturner, Good Choices as well, I can't believe I left Graf out of the movement category entirely, she was great as well, would probably have a tough choice between her and Goolagong, Goolagong's movement was the thing that really kept her in some of her matches with Evert, if she didn't move as well as she did she probably would have a much worse h2h with her than she does. Although you could say Graf's movement won her many of her matches as well....very tough call for me.

Some good recommendations for Drop Shot, I just left it blank because there are, as you said, quite a few possibilities. Evert would probably be my choice there though if only because she used it smartly and tactically well. But there are many you could pick, sort of like the volley category, it really comes down to just who you think was ever so slightly better...and there really are a few quality choices for almost all of these fields, although I don't think Graf can be beat in the forehand category, Davenport is great but even hers is a somewhat distant 2nd.
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