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From the open era

Serve: Serena is the best,
Nav, Court and Graf the second bests.

Return: Seles is the best.
Linsay is the second.

Volley: King and Nav as the best.
Court seconds to them.

Forehand: Graf is the best. She dominates this category with a wide lead.
No other players come close to the standard Graf sets for a great

Backhand: Henin as the best.
Evert, Seles, Hingis and Serena are close seconds.

Overhead: Nav as the best.
Court the second.

Lob: Evert the best.
Hingis the ssecond.

Drop: Hingis the best.
Evert the second.

Movement(speed and footwork): Graf is the best.
Goolegone, Sanchez and Venus the second.

Mental Strengh: Evert, Graf, Seles and Serena are all tier 1 players in this aspect.
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