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I agree. What a great write up about these different weight setups. Thanks for all that great info "XFull.".

So to summarize......added weight at 12 oclock and low on the handle (near the buttcap) is a polarized setup and Added more weight lower and in the middle of the racquet is a depolarized setup? You do polarized if you want to increase sw with the least amount of weight possible and you do depolarized if you want to add more weight overall in order to reach the same sw? Am I right so far?

So if we have 2 racquets of identical swingweight, but one has more mass near the top and the other has more mass in the handle and is more HL......which will have more power and plowthru? Wont the one with more weight near the top have more power amnd plow? It seems like if you had more weight in the handle and a very HL balance, you would need to provide more of your own power, since the hoop will feel very light and whippy. But with the polarised racquet, there will be more mass higher up and behind the contact point, so wont that translate into more power and plow?
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